Sunday, 13 November 2011

The joy of colouring in

First of all let me show you the finished necklace I made with the Flower Power pendant!

I was really pleased with the cubic right angle weave rope, my first completed project in this stitch. I chose size 11 seed beads in colours to tone with the pendant, using the same frosted AB lilac from the pendant as the dominant colour in the 'bead soup' and just sprinkling other colours to taste. I estimate that there are about 6 colours in the mix in total, quite low for one of my mixes. If I am making a soup from a wider spectrum of colour I can generally use 20 or more different colours and finishes.

Colour is one of my great loves, and probably what drew me to seedbeads in the first many different colours and finishes are available. As a child I loved colouring in- outlines in colouring books (sometimes the line illustrations in my reading books -terrible behaviour!), doodle posters, graph paper (squared and isometric) and my all time favourite Altair design pads. The designs in these were developed by Ensor Holiday in (I think) the 1970s and are geometric patterns reminiscent of Islamic tiles etc. I was looking for a link to these following a discussion on Nikia Angel's sparkly geometric units, and found this Interactive Altair design site, which does mirroring, rotational symmetry and can shift hues as well. Give it a go, you'll love it, and so will your kids! Colouring in- in the computer age!

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