Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Blues

I find January a tough month! After my birthday at the beginning it can get a bit dreary, and I do find myself 'comfort buying' beads! This month I have indulged in some nice tutorials from Nancy Dale and Debbie Van Tonder. Nancy's 'Diamonds are Forever' has been highly recommended by my beady friend Jo, as 'Unputdownable', and Debbie's Tila bangles looked such fun I had to buy some Tilas from Rachel at RB Beads specially to try them. So far I have made one 'Zoe' and one 'Joan of Arc'. As my hand and wrist are small, I can get one of each style from a 10g pack of Tila beads! The 'Diamonds' design is waiting until I get the 3mm pearls from JBS. I've also bought a lovely Regency Rose agate cabochon from Designer Cabochons, so I'm waiting for the muse to come up with a design for that!

I did finish the Moonshadow necklace, and was really pleased with it, and myself. Now I just need a special occasion at which to wear it!

Well I now have to wait till payday for any more self-indulgence. I also have a special beady treat coming up in March, of which more later!


  1. I hope your month improves, Catherine!! I also really really hope you enjoy Diamonds when you get to feeling good enough to make it. :) Thanks so much for being such a wonderful friend!!!

  2. Thank you both. I need another two packs of pearls, and the supplier promised them by Mid-February, then I can begin Diamonds, Nancy! Although knowing me I'll end up changing to some other beads!

  3. Wonderful beadworks!!,I really like the beautiful necklace.

  4. Thank you Marion! It is by British designer Jill Devon, from the Bead Merchant. She has kits available