Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Embroidery experiments II

Remember my bead embroidery trials? I finally got around to finishing my cuff on the Ultrasuede foundation during a very productive Easter weekend. Here is a picture of the unmounted embroidery:

And here is the finished item:

And a detail of the side:

You can probably tell I am pleased with the final result, and while I can see threads showing and foundation peeking through I think I can say my embroidery has made some improvements since my earlier attempts.
I don't think I would use Ultrasuede for such a densely beaded piece again, there was a degree of stretch which meant the shape changed and made it harder to mount on the cuff blank. On the positive side it was a lot easier to do the brick stitch round the edges!


  1. I SO love this cuff!!! You've done a fabulous job, and it is just beautiful! I really thought your previous embroidery was very nice as well, but I'm glad you feel that it's an improvement - that always feels wonderful, doesn't it?! Thank you, Catherine, for sharing!

  2. Hi:-)
    I'd say:ultra cuff on ultrasuede foundation:-)
    It's fantastic-beads and leaves-all of these gives the special mood to this bracelet.I like beading embroidery more and more,but still think of achieving the same,or similar effects,without the use of leather,or metal-only with seed beads:-)It's hard-I know,but I sometimes try on pendants,once I will try on such a cuff.
    Nice Work-beautiful colors and fabulous idea of the design!
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  3. Well I loves it :O) Very very beautiful x

  4. Thank you, I'm always slightly surprised by the final effect of never comes out quite as expected, but this is the fascination for me!

  5. Me ha encantado tu blog!!!
    y este trabajo y los otros que tienes de embroidery son preciosos!!!
    Felicidades y un saludo!

  6. Gracias! Espero que puedes entender, mi Ingles es un poco irregular