Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Lucky Beader

Last week I sent out a couple of parcels of beads. One was to a lady who beads on a budget and had expressed an interest in some pearls I was destashing. A fellow beader in the US had asked me to send on some of her destash anonymously. I added a few oddments such as a ceramic angel tile and some Chinese crystals and sent the whole lot off. On Friday another parcel of disc pearls and some assorted orange accent beads were sent off to a friend in Scotland with some pieces to share with the other beaders she meets up with. I love sharing out the contents of my stash as it helps assuage the guilt I have at accumulating so much and using so little! Ahem! Yes, moving swiftly on...

On Saturday morning there was a knock at the door and I had a parcel delivered. Vicky at Bead Shop Liverpool had promised to send a couple of Chrysolite Rivolis, but the parcel contained much, much more...
Goodies from Bead Shop Liverpool

...including the chrysolite opal Swarovski bicones I have been denying myself for nearly a year (you know how it is, you add them to the basket and then before checkout you put them back? Must have happened 5 times if not more!) But also in the package was a challenge:

'Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to make a piece of jewellery using the components in this envelope. You must use at least 2 different stitches. This message will self distruct in 5 seconds 5...4...3...2...1...poof'

Well what could I do but accept the challenge...I love all the items...although I might not be able to combine all into one project but that is OK I think, and I can add from my stash!

Karma does work, and what you do can come back to bite, or as in this case benefit you. I feel very fortunate in my beady friends!

So, on Sunday I played with some floral ideas, thinking of combining different types of bezeled stones. I used Sabine Lippert's 'La Fleur' design as a jumping off point and tried a few variations with different stone sizes and embellishment rounds. Here is a selection of my 'Beadoodles'

'La Fleur' Variants

The left hand is a 14mm  Chrysolite Rivoli the right hand are crystal 8mm chatons.

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  1. What a lovely post, a lovely batch of gifty beads, and a lovely bunch of beadoodles. Thanks for sharing!