Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Too little time!

I'm struggling to keep on top of things at the moment: lots of seasonal field sampling at work (pea pods at different stages of development) means I'm getting home late and tired, ready to vegetate instead of sorting out listings for my forthcoming Etsy shop. I have been quite creative though, strangely, it seems when I have lots of free time the mojo goes on holiday too!

This piece was a 'name badge' challenge suggested by Ray Skene, who makes rather surprising lampwork. take a look at his website especially his sculptural work portfolio. This was my (late) contribution with alphabet beads/peas coloured with marker pen. I shall wear it for beady and work occasions...I'm sure no-one else will have one the same!

Peapod Name Badge

Ray very generously sent some of his work as a prize to the participants (only three of us) and this was my share

The 'Indian Club' is a new departure for Ray, as it has no hole for threading it will be a challenge in itself trying to incorporate it into a beaded piece!

I also ordered a few things from Etsy... well I know I was supposed to be setting up my shop but my finger slipped!

I bought the cutest little lampies from Caroline beadbug and made them into a necklace with sections of CRAW. Pleased with this as it worked so quickly, the rope is in Toho 'Nebula' a dark blue iris which went well with the inky blue in the frit. I used two tone firepolished beads as spacers as the bead holes were quite large:

Lagoon Necklace

And finally...

Over the weekend the new challenge colours for Operation Tackle That Bead Stash were published.  They were Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry (Brown, Pink and Cream) and I was instantly inspired to make a Hair slide/Barrette with some stash items including an Ultrasuede cut-out flower  and a mother-of-pearl carved flower:

Sakura Barrette

So a couple more things to list for my shop. I have a nice glow of satisfaction...or maybe it is just hot in here! This is what happens when I have too little time!


  1. I LOVE how much you've been beading!! I can't wait to visit your Etsy, and I am so so so glad things are going well for you. I was just knocked over when I saw your hair slide, and I'm sorry I wasn't around more to comment... maybe now that the battle piece is done, I'll have some time to chat!! I send you a ton of love...

  2. I love the peapod and must check out those lampwork beads - stunning aren't they? I will add you to my list of blogs to follow :)

  3. Thank you both! I like it when I can get the creativity flowing and there aren't too many 'bits' in the reject pile! I admit I bought some other cylinder lampies but haven't yet used them, they are purple and orange so an interesting combination. I shall definitely buy more of the Summer Fruit Fritties!

  4. That barrete is amazing! I haven't even started my piece for this month yet.

  5. I love your name badge, hope you wear it to Stourbridge in August :O) Finger slipped eh?? hehehehehe...Lx

  6. Don't think I can go to Stourbridge, this year's Nationals are here in Norwich so hubster is going to be trip to Worcester this Summer :( If we do get over to the West I shall pester to come and visit Laneyland though!