Sunday, 21 April 2013

Battle Skirmishing

I have been steadily working on my Battle piece since the first of April, but for the last couple of days have laid it aside. I made about 18 woven motifs and applied them in a 'pleasing arrangement', and am now up to 23 motifs, with extra ones worked directly in place. So far, so good. BUT one of the motifs is not quite is OK, it looks pretty, but somehow it is too 'unlike' the rest of the work to fit.

I am not sure enough to unpick it straight away, but I need to think about it, and whether I can recycle the idea in a more coherent (to the overall design) manner. Could be I decide that it is just because I am seeing it  in isolation without the surrounding area and it would actually be fine as is...

The positive side (i.e. the 22 elements which I like) are definitely staying though. I have used a variety of stones ranging in size from 27mm diameter to 8mm, and several different shapes consistent with my original theme, and for something scientific, it is looking rather artistic.

Yes I did say scientific! I have another life in scientific research, and many times have seen images and structures crying out to be rendered in beads, so that is my inspiration in this piece. I can't be more specific, but I am sure the motifs I have made from this theme will be great additions to my beading repertoire, I hope to make a range of necklaces based on them later on.

Anyway, I'm very busy at work this week so I think the battle piece will be left until the weekend for the cut/don't cut decision, when I'm feeling more relaxed...

....And now it is the weekend, I've taken up the work again, and have managed, by removing the outer ring of beads, to make the problem part 'work' again! I also managed to add in a few of the little navettes I bought, along with the cupchain, from The Crystal Pool

Here is a tiny teaser for you, to show the navette (motif is about 2cm long):


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see your piece Catherine. Happy that the problem part is now working for you. Good luck with the rest

  2. So pleased you're on track again, it's good to step back and contemplate sometimes. Good luck in the challenge we'll be watching your progress and cheering from the sidelines

  3. Oh now I am just completely intrigued - science!!!!!!! I love that navette, glorious color! I hope that you're having a lot of fun with your piece, and not too much stress over the BOTB. I haven't even started yet!! Although I have a fuzzy sort of idea... I hope that I can start soon, or I doubt I'll get it done in time. :)

  4. Wow! You are putting me to shame! Well done to you, can't wait to see it x

  5. Well, the teaser motif is intriguing.. Would've thought it was a leaf until you mentioned science. So now, I am imagining all sorts of shapes! Looking forward to more of the puzzle :)

  6. Than you everyone, I am beginning some background fill now so less exciting in some ways, but it is such a nice bead colour I'm going to enjoy it I know!