Monday, 18 November 2013

Barrette Bedlam

I had a sudden burst of creativity over the last fortnight, which manifested itself as a plethora of barrettes (or hairslides if you prefer). It has got so bad that a fellow member of the OTTBS group has nicknamed me the 'Baroness of Barrettes' which makes me feel rather refined! I think the scale of the pieces is rather appealing, and as happened last year, it has whetted my appetite for a larger endeavour (whispers..maybe a purse). Anyway, I was really encouraged by the sale of one of them within a week from my Etsy, although it was one of my favourites so I would have taken pity on it and worn it myself if it had stayed there...

Another aspect of barrettes which makes them fun to do is that they are good for using up 'odd' or singleton focals, and a few accent beads (not enough on their own to make a full project). And then, the back of one's head is a great place to display one's work too (I do have fairly long hair)

Anyway here are the completed ones:

All but the green one have button focals. I think the next one will use one of the luna cabochons I bought at the last bead fair I visited: I got there a bit late, and had a limited choice and only odd ones. Perfect for this kind of thing!


  1. Very beautiful braceletes!!!Kisses!!
    Sophie from Greece!

    1. Thank you, but they are not bracelets this time, they are to wear in your hair!

  2. These really are stunning, Catherine!! I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with blogger better - ever since they took away my google reader I've been lost!!! I am trying to go back and see everything I missed before I got feedly - but now I know I'm still missing some of my links, because it never gave me this one! Are you still making these? Goooooooorgeous!!

  3. Thank you Nancy, I haven't made one for a while, I exhausted my supply of smallish cabs and buttons, then had a buying ban over Christmas, but now that you have reminded me...