Saturday, 4 February 2017

Revived Blog

I've been inspired by some of my other favorite Bloggers to get back to writing a little about my adventures in beading. I guess it helps that I am beading again after a bit of a hiatus!

When I need to bead but inspiration is lacking I often turn to kits/tutorials and the one I chose for multiple Christmas presents was this cute acorn pattern 'Squirreled Away' from Oaktree Crafts

Choosing different size 15 beads from my stash took nearly as long as the beadwork. I also had to factor in painting time for the wooden blanks (available through the same site) I used my son's old stash of metallic model paints (luckily acrylic and not too solventy). The acorn gifts were strung on gold ribbon and can be used as decorations or even bag charms.

After this successful kick in my beading pants I found some leftover bead soup from a custom cuff I made this year, and used it for a pin/brooch. The same stone (chrysocolla) features in both projects. I changed the edging bead colour (both Toho triangles though) to reflect the change in the stone itself.

Chrysocolla Brooch 'Rainforest'
I've now begun a floral project nudged by the wonderful bead guru Nancy Dale in her blog Here, and the facebook group she has started to unite beaders who follow her 'prompts' 

Another inspiring blog, recently started, spreads the bead love under the aegis of Marcia DeCoster among others. The beaded letters are so pretty and have been the best sort of viral project, showing up on my Facebook feed regularly. I hope to make my own soon, but as ever the colour selection is the hardest part!

So, thanks to some other beaders, my blogging and beading have been rekindled. Long may it last!

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