Sunday, 11 September 2011

Well, I seem somehow not to have published the last post, but things have been somewhat uneventful since then on the beading front. Probably because the real-life stuff has been dominating...back to school shenanigans (how do kids manage to grow so much over the Summer?) and a heavier work load after the week off. I have now decided to make a present for the girl who helped me out at work over the last 12 weeks. She was brilliant and so self sufficient I hardly had to supervise at all. Anyhow, they are keeping her for another 2 weeks before she starts her post-grad course, and as she is allergic to metal jewellery, I'm going to try metal free seed beading in the hopes she can wear it OK. I have used a rivoli in the pendant centre, so will try and cover the back with a comfort strip as per Laura McCabe's crystal book.

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