Sunday, 28 October 2012

Festina lente...

Or as it is sometimes translated 'Make haste slowly'!

I feel this year is running away with me a bit, with the clocks changing last night Winter seems to be here (ferocious hail yesterday to add to the feeling).

I have been steadily working on the bag but it is not growing very fast. I ordered a bulk of the green iris seed beads I need for the background, but the darn things havn't arrived so I need to tackle the company and or the postal service.

This is it in its entirety and considering how much I've done, there is still a way to go on it. BUT I still like it which is a plus! I have also got a couple of little things I can do for a rest when I need to, and these are needed by Christmas so I do have to get on with them...

If my BlogPosts die down a bit you know I'm busy beading instead though, I haven't given up on you all!


  1. Slow or not, it's fabulous! Are you going to put in any more focal/embellished sections, or is it just time to fill in the background?? I am LOVING the Tilas and how you've added them! It's odd, I haven't really cared for them in embroidery at all, but I love how you've used them here. You are so inspiring, Catherine - I love how your embroidery flows, every time. :)

    My year has rushed past, too - and who needs to feel older quicker?? ;)

    1. I'm actually in my walking socks for warmth today, and it isn't even November yet- CAN'T be Winter! I am not sure about the Tilas to be honest. I saw them and I thought I'd give them a go, but the fragility makes me worry! I will only have the ones which are on already in any case. I need to keep the other areas fairly flat because of the fastening, overlap, and base, but I could be using some flatter bead focals such as squares, washers and leaves. I used the green lined triangles you sent already though!

  2. Your purse is beautiful so far. It is a pain in the butt when you really want to work on something, but you have to wait for the beads to come in the mail. This year has flown by I can not believe that it will be November in a few days.