Friday, 16 December 2011

The C* word

Yes, it's Christmas time, I am panicking and beading is, of necessity, taking a bit of a back seat. I have put aside a new beading pattern and the requisite beads as a treat to myself, once things are back under control!!.

I bought the lovely Seahorse peyote pattern from Debbie van Tonder's Etsy FunPatternDesigns and the delicas for it from Stitch'n'Craft. Here's a pic along with some round seed beads and Swarovski stones which jumped into the cart with them...

The greens were for part of my Dragonfly necklace which I need to move on with if I am to wear it on Christmas Day. Here it is in progress:

You can see the type of embellishment on the straps is minimal, really just to cover the joins. Once the straps are finished, I'll make a beaded toggle clasp and possibly fringe the centrepiece...time permitting!

Also on the agenda this week: shopping for more presents, cooking up some edible presents (cranberry cake, gingerbread, peppermint creams and fudge) and decorating the house and tree. Two more days of work still to go however, so I'd better get on!

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