Monday, 19 December 2011

Dragonfly Necklace

Finally my Dragonfly takes wing! I completed a beaded toggle clasp (having tried a few now from Sandra D. Halpenny's book 'Crystal Lace Necklace Patterns' and Laura McCabe's instructions in 'Embellished Beadwork' I 'winged it' on this one and it seems to work well).

The braided rope has a tendency to twist in wear, but as it is for me I'll keep it as it is. I decided to make the fringe at the bottom fairly simple, with a little overlapping  part at the top to go with the Art Nouveau feel of the button itself. I tried leafy fringe but it was too full and heavy, and a very plain fringe was difficult to keep flat as it attaches through the right angle weave. This is actually a front and back row attached fringe, to save passing diagonally. The little drops at the bottom are green/brown picasso finish Czech drops which remind me a little of moss agate.

I feel a real sense of acheivement with this piece as I started with just the button for inspiration. Nancy Dale very kindly shared the construction of the braid, and Nikia Angel's Etsy shop was a source for the triangular Swarovski stones so I'd like to thank them both.

And the best part? Three more delicious buttons just arrived in the post from the US in time for me to play with over the Christmas break from work! I am a happy and lucky beader.


  1. Wow, it looks amazing.
    Can't seem to pick my favourie part of it - the colour, the cabochon, the beaded rope, the clasp ... all amazing features

  2. Thanks Nic!It was nice to bead something for myself, without trying to think of what someone else would like. The flow was much better!

  3. Stumbled upon your blog when opening my blog as we have the same blog-name! Your jewellery is beautiful!

  4. Thank you Kim, I'll come and visit your blog later! I've not been blogging long so I keep forgetting to check for comments!