Thursday, 1 December 2011

Too many projects...

Last weekend I managed a fair amount of beading:

Finally made the tropical version of Holle Sauerwein's 'Flower Power', and the pink bag-charm version got restitched where I had a confused moment and snipped the wrong thread. I decided to try adding some Swarovski bicones to the new pendant flower centre, and am quite pleased with the result.

I also made another unit for the second Laura McCabe 'Stargazer bracelet', a pendant with a square rivoli (or squivoli as we call them), and bezeled a Czech glass dragonfly button. A mishap in cutting the shank off the button was cured by backing the button with ultrasuede. This also gave more depth to the lovely lustre lime colour. I have a special project in mind for that dragonfly!!!

Just wish I had time to finish all these projects, but some good progress at least!


  1. *waving* hellooooo, I love reading blogs and didn't realize you did one, I have enjoyed reading, great pics by the way too. Laney x

  2. Hi Laney! I've only been blogging since the Summer (when I met you!) I have blogged about your orchid bead though!